Beste … Mijn naam is Dirk een beginnend model in de adult industrie. Voor werk moet ik onherkenbaar blijven als ik mijn huidige job wil behouden en dat wil ik voor nu graag behouden, maar omdat ik wel een grote gave heb gekregen lijkt mij het leuk om die eens aan het werk te zetten.… Lees verder BigDirk

Michel Marshall

Michel Marshall also plays within the films of Dm Movies. Michel Marshall is a well known international adult model. He has worked for various European labels. Mariskax, Passiexxx, Kim Holland, Meiden van Holland, Magma, Dorcel and others. Michel Marshall already has hundreds of movies to his name. He has a good figure and his Dick… Lees verder Michel Marshall

David Hughes

David Hughes, his name says it already. David has a big cock and has done a lot of porn recordings. David Hughes lives in the UK and regularly plays on the set. David Hughes knows how to get a woman crazy and many women come to him screaming!

Freddie Foxxx

English mature male performer and partner in crime of Mackenzie. Freddie Foxxx a real gentlemen and he has a pretty face. But Freddie is not only friendly and pretty, he’s a real “treat” to the women as well. Welcome to dm-movies Freddie!

Gé Vurig

Gé Born on 31-05-1990 and living now in Tilburg . He is together with Meliss Vurig. Gé is for many years now in to the adult movies. He has worked for diffrent adult lables and now for Dm Movies. The most of the things he likes is trio, boyfriend experience, gangbang, bdsm soft and hard and kinky play . Gé is… Lees verder Gé Vurig

Luke Hardy

Luke Hardy, is a well known name in the pornindustrie. Luke is a very muscular men. Luke has shot tons of scenes and is producing his own porn as well. Luke has shot for the most major companies and now he’s a family member of dm-movies also.

Tattoo Freek

Volledig getatoeëerd, en al een beetje ervaring opgedaan voor de camera. Ik sta open voor vele mogelijkheden. Laat me graag gebruiken. Kan extreem veel hebben. Tattoo Freek, he recently started in the bizz and he also made his debut with dm-movies. Tattoo Freek is tattooed from head to toe and has piercings everywhere, also under… Lees verder Tattoo Freek

Richard Mann

Richard Mann is a porn actor from America. Richard Mann has won several Urban X awards and has been nominated AVN 3 times. Richard Mann has a real monster cock and has lots of movies behind his name!

Prince Yahsua

With over 300 titles to his name, the Chicago native has worked with most of the top talent and studios in the adult industry.In 2008 Prince Yahshua went behind the camera to direct his first title, Black Assassin. He then went on to found his own company, Silverback Entertainment Inc.His recent releases include A Touch… Lees verder Prince Yahsua

Cheffie Shot

Cheffie Shot the husband of Melody Pleasure. Cheffie is a international porn actor and is award nominated. Cheffie has worked for a lot of producers and companies across Europe. Cheffie is in the beginning of his thirties.  He has brown shor hair, blue eyes, a good body and always a massive cumshot. It’s in his name isn’t… Lees verder Cheffie Shot